Friday, 6 February 2015

I actually haven't blogged in a while, anyways. Lots has happened and lots of accusations have been made towards me, when honestly I haven't done anything which really confuses me. Anyways, girls will be girls. I'm going to my first horseshow in about a week and I am super excited. I'm doing the 2'6 hunters with Zaria, the horse I ride. She's so cute I love her. My past two weeks have been actually pretty good, minus getting two infections; one in each eye. Honestly that sucked but I got four days off of school, one was a snow day but hey, missed school is good school. I actually don't mind school, but its nice to have some time off to dance around your house alone with your pajamas on. I finished my first semester exams and I did really well on some ok on others. I got an 80 percent on my geography exam. Honestly, so hyped to get my report. I know I didn't fail any of my classes. At least I hope I didn't. Anyways...  met a cute boy over exam break and he hung out and kinda flirted back and fourth but honestly nothing happened. I swear. On Sunday I get to shopping for Zari and I's first horse show. My eye infection is clearing up really well for now. Anyways, I jump all over the place with these blog posts but I hope you guys don't mind right. I've  been really into watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I'm in the middle of the entire series and holy poo it's kinda creepy and suspenseful at some parts but it's just so addicting. Which I mean, isn't bad but like it's my life around...oh wait what life. XD. Anyways. I'm listening to Spotify, and to be honest I have a love hate relationship with Spotify. I like the whole idea of it, but then I'd rather just download everything to my Itunes, although that would be a lot of money you know? Music is good for the soul so I mean if I spent 2ooo$ on music, I wouldn't be mad, I'd just miss the two thousand dollars that I just spent, but I don't have two thousand dollars. I have like 100 and I have to save that to spend on Zaria. Anyways, I'm gonna wrap this up so I can go and do my laundry. Thanks guys! TOODLES! :)