Friday, 29 August 2014

I feel like I can't do anything right. I love to horseback ride, but I sometimes I get left behind at fences or I get bad distances then my jumping position is bad at the fence. My canter position is horrendous in my opinion. I cannot sit in the tack for the life of me. honestly. I'm stuck. 
Since I cut my hair, I feel like I'm not pretty. I really liked the length of it... and it's gone now so I'm hoping it will grow out fast. 

Anyways, to a happier note... I'm going to the cottage this weekend, and my brother and his girlfriend are coming with us. I'm hoping to have tonnes of fun and lots of sunshine. I hope my mom brings my chippies. I love the ketchup kind. Lays brand. 

I'm currently eating pizza...i love pizza

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages...okay maybe that's because I haven't and I'm sorry. I went shopping today to finish up getting my school supplies. I got some new pants from a thrift store...because thrift stores are pretty cheap. CI got some hand lotion, which smells so damn good, it's called 'Pink Chiffon' and I love it. I got two new nail polish colours, a baby pink and a dark purple. I'm wearing both on my nails actually. The baby pink is such a nice colour. They were only a dollar too...sweet deal. I got some new sunglasses...of which I love.I got a new eyelash curler, a mascara and a liquid concealor. Which I'm excited to use.

Now to barn news, Charlie the pony I ride..well another girl likes him and I told her she could ride him, but she has her own pony and she can ride him anytime. I can't do that with the horse I part-board. I have her three times a week and at least with Charlie I don't have to worry about sharing him and now that she wants to ride him I don't have him anymore. I have to share him and I really don't want to do that. Charlie likes me. He is my bucket. Charlie Bucket. I love my bucket. Nobody else wanted to ride him a month ago...why now? This is the exact reason why I want my own pony or at least to lease one. I love Charlie Bucket more than anyone.

Friday, 25 July 2014

I'm heading off to the cottage for the weekend. So, I have no access to wifi. Which happens to mean no updates.
For those of you who are interested , I am doing a 30 day blog challenge starting as soon as I can, and I will be doing that on my tumblr.
So please, feel free to check it out. I will probaly end up doing it the beginning of september, due to the fact that I am busy most of august.
Thank you for being so supportive,

Thursday, 24 July 2014

I didn't have a good lesson today. I can't jump very well...I fell off at a sitting trot. I'm not a huge fan of the horse I ride. I wasn't really a fan with her to start with... I mean, I told myself that I'd give her a chance...but it just doesn't seem to work out. We always clash...She doesn't like me, she likes her other rider better. It's tough... the pony I want to part-board and ride all the time is a pony named Charlie, but he is looking to be leased out soon-- and I'm getting to big for him anyways. I don't know what to do because I don't have any other options. I don't want to leave the barn I ride at now either.
I'm stuck, and I have no idea what to do. I honestly... am so lost... I don't want to quit riding, but honestly I'm not always happy with the horse I ride now...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My parents aren't happy with the way I speak. Honestly... it's just to my dogs. Like, I called my dog a bully, and a stupid head because he wasn't listening. Honestly... I could be saying alot worse. They should happy with the kid that they have and that I'm the not drugee that lives on the corner of the street. Stop, trying to change the way I speak, stop trying to shape me into "a perfect child". It doesn't work. It probally never will. I do not see the point of trying to get me to speak differently. I think they can't accept the fact that I am growing up.

Ohkay... this really doesn't invovle blogging lyfe...but the boy I like, is single.... I'm laughing, one because he doesn't learn, that you can't play girls... and two I think hilarious that the mojoirty of his realationships are max. 3 and half weeks long.

It's priceless.
I'm currently at home... and it was supposed to rain...but it didn't which was stupid. If it rains tomorrow then I will very depressed. Later today, I will be going and volunteering at a place called The Journey and I will be sorting shampoos and conditners. I mean, I'd rather be at the barn---but you know, I'm helping people so that's okay.

I don't know what I want to do with my life... I'm stuck between music and horses...
I could be a Recording Artist or I could be doing something with horses. I'd be happy with both.
In the end, I want to be able to come home to someone at the end of the day---that I can come home too... I know I want that.
I mean, if I'm rocking the world then why not. So I guess my plan right now is, to keep posting youtube videos, to keep taking riding lessons... maybe start performing in front of crowds.
I'd also like to start showing, get the experience under my belt. I mean it doesn't hurt... but I just have to convince my mum. So let's hope I'm allowed...and I honestly hope I'm allowed.

Monday, 21 July 2014

I had a very not productive day today. I mean, I cleaned my room... and I'm currently painting my nails; well attempting to type and not ruin them... which is turning out better than thought...for now. lol. I just posted a new cover on my youtube channel, which was awesome considering i missed my upload day last week. So... I also decided to start up an Equestrian Youtube Channel...since I'm a horse crazy teen.
I don't know if your interested or not...but today I will be putting some of my social network information down. I've always wondered how much my blogs have been viewed, if people like them or if they think they're stupid. I like writing these blogs, They're honestly a great way to procrastinate, sometimes filled with advice or experiences. I mean, maybe some of them are relatable. I'm not sure. Appearantly, most of my readers are in the states.Which is nice, theres also a few in Europe some where. So the fact that I get such a wide range of viewers is great! I'm still waiting for my nails to dry. Waiting...Waiting...Waiting... I painted them a baby blue shiney color. Which, it turned out nicely... since I don't have any clear coats; which yes I am aware that it is very bad for my nails.

I don't know what else to tell you, so I will be posting my social fo right here.:

Twitter: @so_far_out

My mom is calling, so I must go. Toodles.