Friday, 24 April 2015

Like honestly  I am so tired of being led in boys just to be thrown to the corner.  I want a relationship but I'm not gonna lower my standards just because I want one. Like some guy said he'd smash me, but he's just said that to flattering me. Like thanks for helping my confidence, honestly I'm already insecure as it is so he just made it worse. Next weekend my friend and I are gonna have a sleep over and hang out with our friends because that's what we do best. I'm listening to music right now as I right this well I at school.  Honestly at school as the innocent one...but is that such a bad thing?  Escpicially because I have my life on track and go to class... I don't want to be innocent anymore but I don't want anything to change for some stupid title...but I honestly care about the title which is really bad.

I'm going shopping tonight for my partboard horse and I'm getting my two boots yay  and I'm getting a bunch of stuff for show season this summer. Yayyayayay.     

Anyway. As always boys are stupid.


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