Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages...okay maybe that's because I haven't and I'm sorry. I went shopping today to finish up getting my school supplies. I got some new pants from a thrift store...because thrift stores are pretty cheap. CI got some hand lotion, which smells so damn good, it's called 'Pink Chiffon' and I love it. I got two new nail polish colours, a baby pink and a dark purple. I'm wearing both on my nails actually. The baby pink is such a nice colour. They were only a dollar too...sweet deal. I got some new sunglasses...of which I love.I got a new eyelash curler, a mascara and a liquid concealor. Which I'm excited to use.

Now to barn news, Charlie the pony I ride..well another girl likes him and I told her she could ride him, but she has her own pony and she can ride him anytime. I can't do that with the horse I part-board. I have her three times a week and at least with Charlie I don't have to worry about sharing him and now that she wants to ride him I don't have him anymore. I have to share him and I really don't want to do that. Charlie likes me. He is my bucket. Charlie Bucket. I love my bucket. Nobody else wanted to ride him a month ago...why now? This is the exact reason why I want my own pony or at least to lease one. I love Charlie Bucket more than anyone.

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