Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Everything good always happens when I'm not around. Today, I was away volunteering with an organization..and we got our Graduation books. (They're like yearbooks, but shaped around the graduates.) And when we get them, we get the afternoon off and we walk around and get them signed. I missed that, and now my gradbook will be empty. I'll go to school tomorrow, and everyone will be talking about it..and I won't even know, let alone have a gradbook with writing in it. Nobody's going to ask for my signature... I mean it's not the first time somethings good happened well I've been away either. I mean, I've missed important things. Going back to the grad book--- I was the head supervisor for this project since my class was the one putting it together. My partner, didn't care that much. She didn't stress as much as I did. Once, again. I'm always around for the shitty stuff---the stuff  I could've missed. Honestly--maybe if I'm gone good things will happen and I won't have to worry about it. Just maybe. It honestly, sucks that it happened, and I don't know if anyone feels my pain. Appearantly , helping people has a personal price, alot of things have a price that I always pay. I sound selfish when I say this, but the only thing I get in return for paying all these prices is riding lessons and going to the barn 3 times a week... but no one ever goes out of their way to say good-job or thanks for trying. All I want is encouragement and an ounce of recognition. I mean, compliments and recongition mean more every once and a while... but when my once and a while is maybe 3 times a year it kinda sucks. Nevermind, it really sucks.

Anywho--I'll try and write more... and I've started back writing my novel so that's good.

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