Monday, 16 June 2014

So I got back from camp, and my phone got stolen...which totally sucks Monkey shit. Anyways. So, I got back from camp on Saturday (Todays' Monday). I didn't update y'all over the weekend of which I apologize. Anyways...I went to the barn Saturday, I almost fell asleep there. I have singing lessons tonight. So once I'm done I'm going to go check the time. I have to call ellen. but I don't know what her number is. I will probaly have to google it. Cause google is amazing. I have homework too. and this long ass to do list. I should look over since I have an hour and half to do my stuff then I have to go do buiness fair things with Ellen, who's my friend. Anyways. I will update y'all later. Toodles.

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