Sunday, 19 October 2014

I got a new phone guys. It's a galaxy s three. I named him Gilbert. Its got a sick camera and lots of gbs. So i downloaded the blogger app because im like why not? So now i can update y'all inn the middle of class. I also broke like my earphones and im kinda mad about that because i dont have anymore earphones. I have headphones but those are too bulky to bring back and fourth to school everyday. Im hoping that i will be much more social and more frequent in updating even if it is just short updates. Im currently sky in my best friend. We're not really talking since im talking to you guys right now. I have made so many errors that I've haf to retype since im on my phone. I dobt actually know how long this post actually is, since it looks different on my phone. But i hope it was a good update... love you all.

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