Friday, 3 October 2014

Okay... I'm sorry. I haven't blogged in about like half a dozen years. I have lots to tell you about. the list keeps going. Those of you who care, I started high school about a month ago and today I got a 8 paged Geography test. Woohoo. Let's move on the boy subject.
So, theres two boys. A boy in grade ten who I am going to refer as N. and a grade nine boy who I will refer to as T. So, N, I know nothing about this kid...I just think he's cute. Big Deal. T, I know enough about him, we flirt sometimes...but he likes someone else and he's out of my league and I don't even know if I like him. I like to talk to him, and stuff. I care about him, I know that. I just don't know how much I care. I'm just a loser, who's not pretty enough. Everybody he likes is just a lot prettier and a lot nicer than I am. I mean, I don't even know anymore. Moving on.  I'm still crazy in love with horses. Life is good, other than the boy trouble but's good and it's real.

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