Monday, 21 July 2014

I had a very not productive day today. I mean, I cleaned my room... and I'm currently painting my nails; well attempting to type and not ruin them... which is turning out better than thought...for now. lol. I just posted a new cover on my youtube channel, which was awesome considering i missed my upload day last week. So... I also decided to start up an Equestrian Youtube Channel...since I'm a horse crazy teen.
I don't know if your interested or not...but today I will be putting some of my social network information down. I've always wondered how much my blogs have been viewed, if people like them or if they think they're stupid. I like writing these blogs, They're honestly a great way to procrastinate, sometimes filled with advice or experiences. I mean, maybe some of them are relatable. I'm not sure. Appearantly, most of my readers are in the states.Which is nice, theres also a few in Europe some where. So the fact that I get such a wide range of viewers is great! I'm still waiting for my nails to dry. Waiting...Waiting...Waiting... I painted them a baby blue shiney color. Which, it turned out nicely... since I don't have any clear coats; which yes I am aware that it is very bad for my nails.

I don't know what else to tell you, so I will be posting my social fo right here.:

Twitter: @so_far_out

My mom is calling, so I must go. Toodles.

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