Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My parents aren't happy with the way I speak. Honestly... it's just to my dogs. Like, I called my dog a bully, and a stupid head because he wasn't listening. Honestly... I could be saying alot worse. They should happy with the kid that they have and that I'm the not drugee that lives on the corner of the street. Stop, trying to change the way I speak, stop trying to shape me into "a perfect child". It doesn't work. It probally never will. I do not see the point of trying to get me to speak differently. I think they can't accept the fact that I am growing up.

Ohkay... this really doesn't invovle blogging lyfe...but the boy I like, is single.... I'm laughing, one because he doesn't learn, that you can't play girls... and two I think hilarious that the mojoirty of his realationships are max. 3 and half weeks long.

It's priceless.

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